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River Environment

Please  follow these simple guidelines to help maintain the natural beauty of the rivers.

The Friendship Cruise Board of Directors, Canyonlands National Park, and the Bureau of land Management would like to welcome you to this year’s Friendship Cruise.

Environmental Concerns

To preserve the beautiful wild country you will be visiting, the National Park Service, Bureau of Land  Managemant, Utah State Parks and the Friendship Cruise Volunteers asks your cooperation in the following these listed simple guidelinesin order to keep the rivers and associated areas in their natural beauty for the future Cruises and years to come.


The building of campfires are not prohibited. However, fire-pans are a must and are REQUIRED.  Building fires without fire-pans causes unsightly scares and is unsafe for the fragile envirnment. 

  1. Build fires only in metal containers large enough to hold the coals and ashes. A garbage can lid, old drain pan, a portion of an oil drum, or similar container works just fine.
  2. You can use driftwood, dead or down tamarisk, charcoal, or wood brought with you from home as a fuel source.
  3. The fires can t be cleaned up easily by allowing it to burn down shoveling the hot ashes out of the fire pan into a bucket of water and dumping the ashes into the main current of the river or hauling them out in a garbage bag.
  4. All other items such as cans, bottles, etc., should be hauled out in garbage bags. A good river boating rule is “IF YOU HAUL IT IN, YOU HAUL IT OUT”.


PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE RIVERS OR ANY BACK COUNTRY ROADLESS AREAS. There are numerous critical habitat zones you will pass through, particularly for deer, small mammals, and bighorn sheep. The trip is long and difficult or pets and it is hard to keep them on a leash or physically restrained. Please leave your pets home.


Archaeological sites are numerous along the rivers. While we encourage you to view them, we much insist you not enter a ruin or touch the rock art. All these remains are very fragile and are  irreplaceable. Much of the damage done to Indian ruins is done in a very innocent way.  Take lots of pictures outside of the ruins


Because of the impact on soils and vegetation and the hazard to human health presented by burial systems, it is MANDATORY that all human waste be carried from the canyons. Washable, reusable portable toilet systems are readily available at a reasonable cost at discount, sport and RV stores. These are designed to be dumped at any RV station or home. Portabe toilets are a requirement on the river.


Please take all garbage with you. Do not dispose of any garbage in the river. Do not bury or leave any garbage on the banks or around campsites.  Pick up and haul out anything that you find that is not supposed to be part of the natural enviornemnt. Help keep the beauty of fragile country.


Remember that there are many other users of the rivers.  Over the Memorail Day weekend you will likly see rafters, canoers and kyakers. Please be courteous to these smaller craft. Give them a wide berth and if possible, go at a wakeless speed.


We take great pride in the reputation Friendship Cruisers have gained by being good stewards of the river.  We are clean, courteous, friendly and eager to help one another or other boaters in trouble.  Cruiser will pick up any trash they find and leave campsites cleaner than when they found them. We know we are in some of the most beautiful country in the world that is only accessable by water.  We want to insure that beacuse of our stewardship, which some call a reverance for the rivers, The Friendship Cruise will be available for generations to come.  Thank you Cruisers for creating this REPUTATION!

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