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Friendship Cruise 2012: Green River to Moab, Utah

Memorial Day Weekend


The 50th Annual Friendship Cruise gets underway this Memorial Day week-end, and promises to be another great event for the recreational boaters. The 184 mile river run (from the town of Green River, Utah down the Green River to the confluence then up the Colorado River to Moab, Utah) is a boating experience unequaled in the United States.

Registration takes place at the Green River firehouse on May 25th and May 26th.

Boats will be launched all day Friday, May 25th and until noon on Saturday the 26th at the Green River State Park.


$150 Registration Fee Covers:

  • Launch and docking assistance at the Green River State Park and at Moab boat dock. (This year we will again take out at MGM Bottom).
  • Transferring your vehicle and the trailer from Green River to Moab, with secure, guarded storage at both ends.
  • Towing or other rescue service in case of trouble with your boat on the river.
  • Moving your vehicle and trailer to Mineral or MGM Bottom take-out points if your boat is disabled for the remainder of the trip. (Mineral Canyon is a emergency take-out only.)
  • Radio communications for emergency messages at the vital points along the two rivers.


Communication services for Search and Rescue, event coordination and emergencies again will be provided by a very dedicated and polished group of Amateur (HAM) Radio operators. The same group has cooperated with the Cruise officials for many years, and has perfected a very efficient radio network. The individuals involved provide thousands of dollars worth of equipment, donate hundreds of hours of their time, and do it all as a public service to help make the Friendship Cruise experience more pleasant!

Refueling Stop

Gasoline sales depots will be in operation at Mineral Canyon (nearly 70 miles down river from the launch site) from Friday afternoon until Saturday night, and then at MGM Bottom (about 20 miles below Moab) on Sunday and Monday till noon. The greatest distance between fuel depots is 99 miles, so boaters must be equipped to travel at least that distance without refueling.

Vehicles and Trailers

While Cruise participants enjoy boating through Utah’s astonishing Canyon Country, drivers will be moving vehicles and trailers from Green River to Moab. Don’t forget that your vehicle, including your boat trailer, must be roadworthy and fueled for the 52 mile trip.  The cost of driving you rig is included in the registration fee, but needed fuel, repairs or towing expenses will be your responsibility. Make certain that your trailer, such as bunks, are secured for highway travel!

Environmental Concerns

One of the great attractions of the Friendship Cruise is that it allows easy access to and through some of the most awe inspiring wilderness in the United States. Many people will travel the river in just a few days, and that means that everyone must make a special effort to ensure that this extraordinary landscape is as nearly perfect after the Cruise as it was before. Please click on the web page to update yourself with National Park regulations


PORTABLE TOILETS ARE MANDATORY, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THE RIVER WITHOUT A PORTABLE TOILET. They are to be suitable for liquid and solid human waste. Human wastes, trash and garbage must be retained on the boat and properly disposed of after leaving the river at Moab. There are several locations in Moab for disposing of trash and waste.

Fire Pans

Fire pans are REQUIRED if you are going to build a campfire. The fire pan must be a metal pan or tray that will contain the ashes and coals. Driftwood may be used as fuel, but many boaters find it more convenient to bring along charcoal or other fuel.




Rescue services are provided ONLY during the official days of the cruise, but we’ve never left a boat on the river yet!   Remember,  that it is always a good idea to carry an EXTRA PROP, SHEAR PINS, WATER PUMP PARTS, ETC. If you start the trip hoping some piece of equipment will make it for “one more outing”, it probably won’t!

In the event of a breakdown, relax and enjoy yourself; there’s no better place in the world to spend a little extra time! Tie up to the bank in a clearly visible location, hang a life jacket outside the boat where it can be seen by passing boats and enjoy the scenery. A rescue boat will come along in a while and provide aid.

To enhance your enjoyment of the trip

Allow as much time as you possibly can for your trip. River boating in this beautiful country is a lot like some other activities: the longer you take to do it the more enjoyable it is for everyone involved. There are even books to help you to do it better. River guide books will be available at registration. A guide book helps you locate points of special interest along the rivers, provides many place names, notes some river history and also contains a map of the entire route you will follow.


There are plenty of fine motels in Green River and Moab. Memorial Day Weekend is a very busy time here,  advanced reservations are STRONGLY recommended. There are also commercial campgrounds, as well as those in the State and National Parks, RESERVATIONS are very advisable at those facilities too!

To make your trip comfortable, be sure to include the following:

Required Items:

  • Life Jackets
  • Port-A-Potty
  • Fire Pan
  • Boat Horn or Whistle
  • Bailing device
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Throwable Flotation Device
  • Food for the Days you are Staying
  • Water

For Comfort, Etc.

  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Bed Rolls
  • Tent
  • Insect Repellent
  • Change of Clothes
  • Extra Sneakers
  • Sun Hat
  • Swim Suit
  • Shade

8 Responses to Newsletter

  1. ryan

    Hi any word if you will be doing the cruise this year 2012?

    • admin

      Yes we are doing it and it is the 50th year for the cruise! Registration starts Friday morning of the cruise there is no pre-registration.

    • Dave Hanson

      Is the Friendship Cruise on for 2013?

  2. russell ryness

    i own a 15 ft boston whaler rage this boat is a shallow draft jet boat powerd by a 150 hp jet this is a great shollow water boat with 50 mph speed it would be a great asset as a emergencey boat i would be honered im i could be of any assestence on this cruise please respond if you my have any need thank you russ

  3. Roger Brewer

    Will there be a 2016 cruise? I have always wanted to do this, so I hope you are doing it again!!!!

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