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Friendship Cruise 2012

Posted by on April 11, 2012

It’s on !!!

The 2012 ( AND 50TH) Green River Friendship Cruise is going happen. Mark your calendars for 25-28 May (Memorial Day weekend.

Sorry it has taken this long to get to you with this year’s Cruise announcement but we just made the decision to go ahead with the planning. Our concern has been, as you can imagine, that the snowpack is significantly less than what we had last year. As of our last check it is about 88% of normal. Last year at this time we were at 128% of normal. 88 % is plenty of water to make the cruise. The issue will be how fast or early the water comes down the rivers. If the weather stays close to normal, we will be in great shape. If it gets to warm to soon, the river levels may drop to rapidly for some of the lower draft boats. We’ll just have to see what mother nature does to us. That means that the cruise could get cancelled. Just keep checking back to the website and I will also let those on this e-mail list know. In the mean time, AWAY WE GO !!! THE CRUISE IS ON!!!

The website will be updated soon but even though it still has last year’s dates on it for now, all the basic information is still the same. Go to for more information. We thought it more important to let you loyal and dedicated folks know it’s on as soon as possible, and even before we updated the website, so you can make plans.

We need help from all you cruisers to get the word out to all your boating friends to come and join us. As we said last year, the numbers are dwindling and if we don’t get enough boats to break even on costs, we will lose one of the greatest motorboat river trips in this country. Last year, we did a bit better than the year before , but still not enough to make it worth all the planning, insurance, rescue craft and other expenses that go with sponsoring and event like this. The cruise is non-profit so no one is makes anything on the cruise. It is put on by some dedicated people that just want to keep a tradition that first started in 1957 going. Just for fun and to show you how things have changed on the number of boats , here is a quote from the 1966 Friendship Cruise announcement talking about the 1965 Cruise: “11 States were represented in over 600 boats. 302 boats were “First Timers”. We find more and more boats are spending two nights on the river. 60 percent of the boats were registered by midnight Friday in 1965. —-There were 131 people from Green River and Moab who spent some time and effort in 1965 on a volunteer basis to make the cruise pleasant for all. The Directors of this non-profit organization also serve without pay.” Kinda fun to see what used to happen. Bottom line- We are not sure if we want 600 boats but a couple of hundred would be fantastic. You have four assignments in keeping the tradition alive. Assignment 1 – Make sure you schedule yourself to come on the cruise. Assignment 2 – Round up all your boating friends to go come also. It makes it really neat to share the scenery and outdoors with friends. And drifting all lashed up is a blast. One year, I counted 6 Boats all lashed and they were having a really great time. Assignment 3 — Print our Cruise Announcement page (when it gets updated) , take it your local boating store and ask if they will post it on their window or bulletin board. Assignment 4 – Send me the name, address and phone number of the boating store/s in your area so we can send them flyers and brochures in the future. That should be easy enough.

We are working on some other pretty exciting things that will bring some vitality to the Cruise and bring it more into today’s high tech information world. We have developed the new website that we put up right before the cruise last year and will be updating soon. Linked to that we will be setting up Facebook where you will be able to upload your picture and share some of you experiences, highlights, points of interest and ideas. We will also link to other sites that may of interest and has a direct relation to the cruise such as the Canyon Lands, John Wesley Powell Museum, Ham Operators that support us etc, etc. Pre registration is also right around the corner and may be up in the really near future. Those are just a few things coming down the pike and as always, your ideas are welcome.

Well, that’s about it for this first communication. Remember, if you wish not to receive these e-mails, just reply and let me know, I’ll take you off the list.

Thanks for your support and it’s always fun to hear from you.


P.S. So we can get idea of how many of you are planning on coming, how about a reply to this email if you are coming and let us know with number of boats in your party ? That does not lock you in but helps us with a general idea as we develop the support required. Thanks.

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