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Friendship Cruise 2011

Posted by on May 23, 2011

Hello Cruisers,

IT’S HERE! Hope you used this weekend to do your final preparations for the Cruise. This is really going to be a good one. I just checked the river flows. The Green is running at 28,000 cfs, about 2 ½ times above what  we consider needed to be  a “good” water level.  That means “No Worries”.  The  Colorado is running at about 100%  of Normal and  expected to go up shortly,  or again “No Worries”.  The weather is expected to break and it looks like it may even get “hot”, especially for us that have rarely seen the sun in the last few weeks.  And finally, our Commodore, Kathy Ryan tells me all the preparations are complete on the cruise organizers side with the exception of our great volunteers who need to set up the Fire Station for the registration.   Now all we need is you and your friends.   Avoid the overcrowded mess the holiday weekend brings to the local lakes and come on the Friendship Cruise.

One last item to double check.  Remember in the last e-mail  I alerted you to the Fire Pan requirement. Well,  here is another that one of our long time cruisers and great supporters let us know about. Bart Bartholoma and his wife LaRae go beyond the call to make sure the Cruise continues.  Apparently last year they had a little issue with Fire Extinguishers at the safety check.  I have copied his information to us so that you can make sure you are good to go.

Bart writes after he read our alert about the firepans;

“Your firepan heads up was welcome. We already had that one covered.
You should be aware of another which we encountered last year.
When Randy gave us our boat inspection on launch day last year, he told us we would need a new fire extinguisher this year because the date on ours would be over the 5 year limit.
He said it had to be replaced or recertified every 5 years.
We went to buy one this year and those on the store shelf were already
2 years old. So that means we would have to get a new one in 4 years The store clerk thought they were good for 12 years.
I researched the Utah State Boating site and sure enough it says 12 years.
So I called the State Boating and they had the Director call me. I recounted what Randy had told me and what I understood from the regulations.
He agreed that it is 12 years.
The key to the discrepancy is the type of extinguisher.
If it is NON-RECHARAGABLE it has a life of 12 years.
It appears that Randy was unaware of this, so I asked the Director to contact him so we would not be unable to launch because of a fire extinguisher violation.
Below is a copy of the pertinent part of the regulations and the words printed on the fire extinguisher. The caps are mine for emphasis.
You might consider sending one of your great emails out to give boaters a heads up on this one.
Also, please touch base with Randy in case he never got the email from the Director.
Thanks a bunch for all that you and the whole group do to make this a wonderful week end WITH A TWICE IN A LIFETIME WATER LEVEL.
Bart Bartholoma”

Attached we included the technical stuff Bart found out about if you are interested.

Check out the other attachment if you have a minute or two . Mark Peterson and his lovely wife Karen have been on the Cruise about as long and as many times as anyone.  They are great supporters. The Grand Junction, CO paper did an article on them. It’s pretty good.  I included it because it does have some pretty interesting history.

Well that’s about  it .  I can’t think of anything that we haven’t covered over the last few months.  The boat is already to go except for loading. The tow vehicle is serviced and ready.  We are finishing up the menu.  I am excited, ready and look forward to seeing you all.  Please drive safe! We don’t want anything bad happening to you on the way here.

Any Last minute questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  My last ability to answer e-mails will be Tuesday evening.


“The Friendship cruise is the confluence of rivers, of land, of day, of night, of sun, of moon, of birds , of beast and especially, the Friends that hold  this experience most Special and Privileged.”

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