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Friendship Cruise 2011

Posted by on April 18, 2011

Hello Cruisers!!


Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know everything is moving right along and we are planning on an incredible water year on the Friendship Cruise. All you have to do is watch the news and it should be a pretty good indication of things to come.  On the west side of the Wasatch,  all the water forecasters are saying this year is comparable to the 1983.  The east side of the Wasatch, or the Green River and Colorado, snowpack  is at a great 120 percent of normal.  Depending on the melt, this should be a banner year.  It looks like the best runoff in years!!   There is another website that gives you a bunch of information about the snowpack and water content above Lake Powell. Take a look at . We will try to get that link added to our webpage. When you get to that website, you can click on all kinds of water and snow data that will be affecting the two rivers we run on. It’s kinda fun.

A couple of items of interest.  The new website I told you about in  my last e-mail is up and running. The Official site of the Friendship Cruise is now Check it out and add  it on your “favorites” . We are not completely through with it but it has all the pertinent information and gives a little more information about who and what we are all about.  We are delighted with the feedback we are getting from you cruisers and the same applies to the website. We want your feedback as to what you would like included or what we are not clear about.  Our intent is to add a bunch more pictures and get Facebook up and running with the website so you folks can easily add pictures, videos, comments and stories.  As we talk to many of you, we find there are great  and interesting things that you have done or discovered while on the cruise.  Sharing will just make the cruise that much more enjoyable.  Next on the website- You will find a link called “river regulations.  The National Park Service asked that we include the link so you are completely aware of what is their rules are.  We also have another link to their site under the “environmental” section of the website.  Please click on it for a quick review.  Most of you already know all the information but it is a good refresher.

I suspect there will be at least one more update as the time gets closer.  I hope you are all as excited as I am.  My boat will come out of moth balls in about a week and then I really get excited. Just want to thank those of you who have been talking it up with your friends and those of you that have been making those trips to boat dealers, repair shops, camping stores and sports centers.  We love it. If you have connections with local  radio or TV stations , give me a contact and I’d love to talk to them.
Well that’s it for now. Keep in touch and may you always have “Red Sky at Night”.


2 Responses to Friendship Cruise 2011

  1. Paul Sheya

    We’ll be taking some friends and family on our 6th Friendship Cruise since the mid 90’s. (My very first trip was when I was 10. I’m now 53!) We are going to publicize this locally (Montrose, CO) and hopefully have 2 or 3 boats in a group. Let’s support this great tradition!

  2. Dan Sterner

    This will be my third year in a row,for the friendship Cruise. Going to try a different boat this year. 25′ Yukon Delta. Should be a great trip.

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