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Q. What kind of boat can I take on the river? 

A. Up to about a 23ft deep V hull.  Shallow draft boats could be a little bigger.  I/Os, outboards or jets  are recommended.  Although most inboards can make it easily, on the rare occasion a prop is damaged, there is no real good way to change the prop on an inboard.  Pontoon Boats can go as long as they have at least a 100 hp motor. They must have enough power to get through the slide which is the fastest water they will encounter while on the river.  If you have any questions about boat size or type, contact us and we will take a look at your boat through e-mail.   

Q.  What does my registration fee cover?

A.  Your fee includes:

  • A registration packet containing maps and other materials.
  • Assistance in launching your boat at the Green River Boat Dock  and docking and loading your Boat at the MGM Boat Dock, a few miles from  Moab.
  • Parking for your car and boat trailer which will be moved to Moab and guarded while you’re on your Cruise.
  • Rescue service if your boat becomes disabled. 
  • Search and Rescue personnel will  aid in the evacuation of sick or injured participants.

Q.  What are the usual weather conditions on Memorial Day weekend?

A. Plenty of sunshine and blue sky!  Daily high temperatures average around 85 degrees and night temperature may be in the 50’s.  Although rain is rare, bring rain gear just in case.

Q.  How much fuel will I need?

 A.  You are about to get a great “no good answer” on this one.   Your fuel consumption will depend on the size of your boat, engine size and horse power, the amount of weight you are carrying, and if you do a lot of drifting after topping tanks at Mineral Bottom.   It is impossible for us to give you that number. All we can really tell you is that  The Friendship Cruise provides gas for sale at Mineral Bottom and MGM Dock.  The longest distance between fuel stops is 99 miles (Mineral to MGM), so plan accordingly.

Q.  When will my car be moved to Moab?

A.  A dependable group of drivers will transport your car to Moab on Saturday.  Be certain your vehicle (including your boat trailer) is in good condition for the trip.  Security is provided to watch your rig.  Remember, you must sign a release when you register to have your car and trailer moved.

Q. What should I do if I have trouble on the rivers?

 A.  If you are having mechanical problems and are unable to repair your boat, make a life jacket or other easily noticed article visible to alert rescue boats you are in need of assistance.

Rescue is available beginning Saturday morning and continues through Monday.  If you are having mechanical problems before you get to Ruby Ranch or Mineral Bottom, drift to either Ruby Ranch or Mineral Bottom where it’s possible to take-out if necessary.  Otherwise, it’s 99 river miles (upriver tow) to MGM Dock, the next take-out point.  There will also be rangers in patrol boats on the rivers.  Don’t hesitate to ask them for assistance.

  Q. What are the points of interest  I ought to see while on the river?

A.  There are so many many things to do and see. Short hikes from the river are enjoyable and allow you to get your “Land Legs” back.  Although we provide you with a very general map when you register, you may want to purchase a more detailed map of the area before you get here.  There  are many maps available  but many of us we have found Belknap’s Waterproof CANYONLANDS RIVER GUIDE  to be a great map with a lot of interesting information and points of interest. This map is available at the John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River, UT.  With today’s technology it also fun to take a GPS and mark your own points of interest or favorite campsites. That way when you come back, you will know exactly where you are on the river or where you want to go. Check out our Map on this website for some interesting points.

  Q. What kind of communication is available on the rivers?

A.  Not a lot. Your cell phone will work for a few miles outside of Green River but from then on, unless you have a satellite phone, you are unable to communicate with the outside world.  We do have a very dedicated and professional group of HAM radio operators that are on some rescue boats, repeater sites and at our launch and take out points. They assist us with “sweep” coordination and emergency operations. They are not used for casual communication of Cruisers.  VHF radios have limited use on the rivers due to the high canyon walls and many river bends. However, if you do have a radio and want to talk with another cruiser, normal VHF protocol should be used.  Channel 16 is is the VHF call channel.

 Q. What is the recommended equipment or items to bring?

A.  Life jackets

  • Spare parts – particularly props, shear-pins, and a water pump.
  • Fuel cans
  • Drinking water
  • Extra food
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • litter bags
  • Fire Pan
  • Portable toilet
  • Change of clothing
  • Rain gear
  • Maps
  • Sleeping bags
  • Camera and film
  • Swim suit
  • mooring lines
  • Insect repellent
  • extra sneakers
  • sunglasses and sun hat
  • Sun block, and chap stick 
  • Some kind of shade

Q.  What if I have questions that aren’t answered here? 

A.  Go to the contact section of this webpage and ask your question or give us some contcat information and we will get back to you.

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