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2016 is a question.

The Friendship Cruise is not feasible this year. We appreciate all the interest this year! It has been more thatn we have seen in a while. There was no one to organize it this year. We will continue to work to find someone. We hope we can make it happen next year.

Hi Cruisers,

Well, it ‘s a tough thing to do for all of us that wait a whole year to participate in one of the most unique boating adventures in the world. But after very careful analysis and input from her staff, the Cruise Commodore, Kathy Ryan, has decided that it is in your best interest to CANCEL this year’s 2012 Friendship Cruise. We have very carefully been looking at the snowpack levels on both the Green and Colorado Rivers. We have communicated with representatives from National Parks, Reclamation (Flaming Gorge) and State water officials. We have looked at weather and river forecasts. All have dismal forecasts for water flows on the two rivers. A few weeks ago we thought we could pull it off had the weather cooperated, but the warm weather has added to the problem as the limited snowpack is coming down unseasonably early. Some streams and rivers feeding the Green and Colorado are already hitting their peaks flows and will be over even before the Memorial Day weekend.

Bottom line is that low water would create some real serious problems for outdrives. Rather than you tearing up your equipment and having a miserable time, we just decided it is not worth losing your loyalty, friendship and future support because of our poor judgment.

Hope that you all keep in touch and that you are right now marking your calendars for 2013 which will be the 50th Running of the “Friendship Cruise”.

We appreciate all of you and the many e-mails and support we are getting. Take care and “keep your bows high and your transoms above the water line”.

Commodore’s Message

Welcome to Green River, Utah.  You are about to embark on a unforgettable trip down the pleasant Green River to the confluence of the mighty Colorado and Green rivers and up the Colorado  to Moab, Utah.

Nowhere else is there a boating challenge quite like we have here on the Green and Colorado — 195 Miles of water-way coursing through some of the most colorful and awe-inspiring  panoramas in North America.

The water ranges from “mill pond” stillness to mild “river-runner” fast water and around each bend you will encounter a new and challenging conquest.  Although we have a very few “fast water” areas on the rivers, the “Sunday Skipper” can negotiate anything there is with just plain common sense –and attain a real and satisfying sense of accomplishment once he or she has been ” down the Green and up the Colorado”. Yes we do, and have had many lady skippers make the trip.

We have named our annual cruise the “Friendship Cruise” for that is the atmosphere you will encounter on the two or three day run from the community of Green River to Moab, Utah. The people participating come from all over the United States and the citizens of our little corner of the world go all out to welcome and accomadate the out of town visitors.  From its early high-speed-race days that started in 1958, the Friensdship Cruise has evolved into the perfect way  for motor boaters to experience the absolute beauty and serenity of Canyonlands National Park that can only be gained from being on the river itself.  Although we no longer “race” the course, the excitment still remains as you wind your way through this primamtive and virtually untouched landscape. You will experience  thrills, excitement and enjoyment unlike anything else you have undertaken.

The Cruise is completely informal. You travel at you own speed, float when you want, stop where want, explore what you want, power up when you want and camp in the plentiful campsites when and where  you want. In short, you make your own fun and relaxation.  Boating and camping with friends always adds to the enjoyment.  Although you could drift for hours without seeing another boat, remember that  for the rare case you might have a problem, there will always  be assistance provided by our search and rescue boats along the way, and by those that “sweep” the river after the last boat has left Green River. In 49 years of running the Friendship Cruise , we have never left a boat on the water.  We take great pride in “Bring them all Home”.

Boating, of course, is the common bond , but more than that, everyone shares a sense of adventure and sastifying accomplishment.

We sincerely and honestly feel that once you have partaken of the hospitality and behold the magnificant “big country” through which these rivers wind, you will return again and again to the land of the Green and Colorado Rivers.

At this point the Emery County Sheriff’s Posse would like to extend an open invitation to all of you to come see us, join the ranks of the “river runners” and a hearty welcome to those who have been with us before.

Kathy Ryan, Commadore

21 Responses to Home

  1. Frank Clayton

    Hi Kathy, I have wanted to do the Friendship Cruise for about as many years as I am old. I hope the 2012 conditions are going to be good. Let me know if I need to send in $ and registration.

    I do have a question for you. I am planing on two coulples and a 12 year old grand son. I have two boats that I can use. #1 a 60’s Crestliner, fiberglass, 17 foot with a 110hp out board.

    Boat #2 Is a21 foot, I/O Merc. much more room and dependablity. I am sure it sits a liffle lower than my above boat..

    I am not sure how to recognise and choose the best waters on a river so I am leaning toward the older boat.

    Frank Clayton

    • admin

      Registration starts Friday morning we don’t do any pre-registration, I would bring my old boat so you can get a feel for the river if you don’t read the water well. With that many people pack according so that your not to heavy to get up on plane and run. Lots of people tend to bring everything but the kitchen sink so be cautious, if you have any other question just ask and watch the web for water up dates as to wether it will be a go or not

    • Mike Beacco


      For what it’s worth, I participated in my first cruise last year with two couples in my 21ft. I/O and had no problems. Never touched bottom anywhere, but the water level was extremely high last year. I was surprised at the number of boats I saw that were bigger than mine. I’m sure they would stay home with lower water levels however.

      Mike Beacco

      • admin

        Last year was the highest the river has ever been, we were in flooding stage , now this year it is not so good looks like the water level will be to low to have the cruise, so we will try one more time next year. Kathy

  2. friendshipcruiser

    Hello, what is lowest discharge cfs the river(s) can reach before the cruise is a no go? Thanks!

  3. Jim Taylor

    Hi Kathy,
    Tell Bruce we are planning for the 50th Friendship Cruise….I do have a question, you have links with the Green River and Colorado water levels…….but could you tell me what to watch for and at what level cancels the trip…
    Hope we get the run off..

  4. Doug Hackett

    Thanx for all you do Kathy, I have been wanting to join on with this group for a few years & have been watching the website with anticipation.

    It has been hit & miss for me. Hopefully next year 🙂

  5. Dave Hanson

    Please put me on the e-mail list. My son and I plus grandson were planning to make it in 2012 for the third year in a row until we learned it was canceled. Hope to do it next year in my 1962 Glasspar Citation with 1971 Johnson 125 hp outboard.


    Dave Hanson

  6. Linda krebs

    My husband and I were wondering if there are any outfitters that take people on the cruise? Our fiberglass boat would not fair to well we fear!

  7. Bert Wollerman

    Are there plans to have the cruise in 2013?

  8. Paul Sheya

    Hoping for the Friendship Cruise to happen in 2014. 2014 Cancelled because of low interest?? Not on my part! I love this trip.

  9. Rick Meyers

    I am hoping for there to be a Friendship Cruise this year, as I don’t think I can make the
    2106 one. But I CAN do this year if it goes. It is a big loss not having it.
    I believe with enough publicity it would be popular again.
    I talk to people here in Washington County and they are not aware that it existed.
    You guys is maybe whats needed to get the word out.
    Please note my previous email to you.

  10. James Taylor

    I don’t think I will be around in 2106, but count me in for this year if you have it.

  11. Dan sterner

    I will be launching on the 27th in green river. Hope the friendship cruise can join me.

  12. Darrell Sausser

    Kathy – I was reminiscing on the 2 years I did the cruise. I think it was way back in the mid 80’s 3 of us packed very lightly for the 3 days. What a gorgeous trip with such awesome scenery! And your group was so well organized, I must congratulate you for that. We were in my 15 ft Aluminum skiff w/20 hp Merc. Even tho trying to pack lightly, at the 70 mile takeout site, we had to off load about half of our stores. Even then the Merc barely had enough to get on plane. We took a load of pictures and many time shared the cruise scenery with friends and fellow boaters in Riverside CA. While unable to even dream of doing the cruise this year, hopefully you’ll see us next year.
    Darrell Sausser
    Skipper of ESCAPADE (38 ft sail in Long Beach CA) We named the skiff ESCAPIDDLE that always got a giggle.

  13. Dan sterner

    Wish there would have been some other boaters on the river this weekend. What a great trip. Weather could not have been better. The 20 ft. MAXUM did great. Started off on the Green with 17500 cfs on the 26th. Up the Colorado on the 29th. Great trip. Hope to see the rest of you in 2017!

    • Roger Brewer

      thought there was no trip in 2016/////???????

      plans for 2017??? been wanting to do this trip for years and now could.

  14. James Taylor

    Looks like there is going to be a lot of water. So I know it is a lot of work for you people in Green River. But sure would be fun to have a last trip down the Friendship Cruise. Got cancer and will probably be the last time if you have it. First time down was in 1962. And have been down five times since. You guys do such a great job. Hope you can put it together. Sign me up if you have it.
    Fond memories.

  15. James Taylor

    Well looks like a lot of water. So I hope you can have the Friendship Cruise. I know it must be a lot of work.
    Just raise your fee to do all the things you do. I’m in if you have it. Have been down at least five times since 1962. Best experience of my life.
    Please have it.
    Jim Taylor

  16. James Taylor

    Hey Dan Sterner. Did you do the cruise on your own? I will meet you this year 2017 in Green River to do the trip, but how do you get your truck and boat trailer to Moab if they are not having the trip? Should be plenty of water this year. Would be nice to do it with other people that could help you out if you had any problems. My boat can carry enough gas to make the trip so really don’t need any for the trip. Just was nice for the Friendship Cruise people to have it available and also if you needed help. Well let me know. Since I don’t know your email, let me know on this sight.

    • Dan Sterner

      Hey James, sorry I haven’t checked this site in a while. We did float last year, all the way to Moab. Still working on getting the time off for this year. If I make it happen we will be putting in on Friday. Last year we just dropped a car off in Moab when we went there for a back country permit. Only need the permit for the national park section if you camp there or hike. I hope to know definitely on the 25th if I can do the trip.

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